What is Song Idol?

Song Idol is a karaoke site that provides users the opportunity to show their talent by recording, uploading and sharing their song to their friends using social media.

How do I record a song?

It’s very easy to record a song, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the song library
  2. Select a song
  3. Sing!

Can I save my video recording?

Of course! You can upload your recording to your account by clicking “Upload” at the end of the song. Take note that you have to be registered in order to save your song to your account.

How do I register?

You can create a profile by following the registration process below:

    Click on the “Register” button (upper right hand corner) Fill in the necessary fields like Email address, Password, Idol Name etc. Provide your SMS Confirmation number from 5677 if you have one Click on the Submit button You will receive a verification link from Song Idol in the email provided Click on the verification link to finish the registration

Can I share my video on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter?

Yes, you can easily share you video by clicking the “Share” button at the bottom of your screen after recording a video.

Can I view recordings from other users?

You may view other videos in the Top Recordings section in the Home screen.